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Friday, December 12, 2014

Check out our new, fresh look!

Today's review is of ourselves!  We love our new, fresh, logo colors and overall look.  Check out our completely re-designed website, too.!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pedro Ohara's , Lewiston, Maine - Mexican Food Without The Trip To Mexico

We stopped by for a quick lunch at their Mexican Buffet.  A bit of a small variety but all of it was tasty.  Not too spicy just the great flavors of Mexico without the heat!  The ambiance is really cool and the Bar is a central feature to the place.

Still in the area around Happy Hour, the place was packed.  Chips and salsa flow during their happy hour and the food is then served from their menu and not a buffet.

Don't miss the fun and food at Pedro Ohara's - you'll be happy you didn't.  Tell them you want to order food from Pedro Ohara's online from

Stephens Pizza, Auburn, Maine

The truth is that I could not resist the novelty of ordering a huge, 28" pizza from Stephens Pizza in Auburn, for a get together that we were having.  I thought that just having this gigantic pizza for the party would be cause for some fun conversation.  It was that for sure.
But, what I wasn't prepared for was how GREAT the pizza was.  Being somewhat of a connoisseur of pizza crust, cheeses and toppings, Stephens Pizza ranks in the top three of best pizza I have ever eaten!  The dough is chewy and tasty.  The cheese was super high quality and flavorful and the pineapple, pepperoni, ham, olives (with 28 inches of pizza you can have a lot of toppings on one pie!) were all excellent.

Of course there is no need to order their gigantor size.  Stephens Pizza has all of the sizes for a normal family dinner as well os other items like subs, wings and the like.  I say, give Stephens Pizza in Auburn and Lewiston a try.  You'll probably be back more than once.,

Friday, September 19, 2014

Chuys, Fairfax, VA - A Unique Tex-Mex experiece

Chuys slogan is, "If you've seen one Chuy's, You've seen one Chuy's."

Their location in Fairfax, VA, is decorated in bright colors and a festive atmosphere.  The portions are very generous and the prices are what you would expect from a great Tex-Mex place.

Chuy's offers eat-in and curbside pick-up as their dining options.  Encourage them to join so that you can order faster, online.