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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Nanjing Bistro in Fairfax, VA - No One Does Authentic Chinese Food Like They Do

First off, Nanjing Bistro is a Chinese Restaurant where you go to sit down and eat.  Its an actual restaurant not just a takeout out place!  It is perfect for the entire family.

Nanjing Bistro really has two different menus to offer.  The first is where you will find the "standard" Americanized fare with favorites like General Tso's Chicken, Beef and Broccoli, etc.  These Chinese food favorites are available to eat-in at the renovated and really beautiful dining area of the restaurant or as Chinese Takeout items.  Ordering online for Chinese restaurants is never easier since just by click this link you will be connected to the online ordering site.

The second menu is where you will find all of the exotic Chinese dishes, most with the special Nanjing Region's special touches.  Eel, duck, cabbage, dried shrimp and various other seafood delicacies that are too numerous to list comprise this more authentic menu.  But, for the adventurous foodie, Nanjing Bistro is the local Fairfax Chinese Restaurant you should experience.

Flippin Pizza Fairfax, Absolutely The Best NY Style Pizza

Having lived in the NY, NJ Area for many years I grew accustomed to eating the best pizza in the world.  Now living in Fairfax it was hard to find that great NY Style pizza until I found Flippin Pizza!

The dough is made fresh every single day.  The sauce is authentic as it can be.  The toppings are exactly what you would expect from great NY Style pizza.

And let's talk about the size - Flippin Pizza only offers one size of pizza - LARGE - every pie is 18" which makes the value of the pizza unbelievable at the prices that they offer.  The only thing that can be said about Flippin Pizza is, go there, get it delivered or pick it up to go but definitely try it!

You can order online Flippin Pizza in Fairfax online by clicking this link.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Happy Family Chinese Restaurant for Chinese food your can order for delivery, takeout or eat-in

It is easy to order Chinese food for delivery from Happy Family Chinese in Fairfax, VA.  Conveniently located on Willard Way next to Safeway, eating-in at Happy Family is also a fun option.  Their chef has some unique items like Leek and Onion Pancakes to compliment all of the traditional Chinese food favorites that you are used to.

Perhaps the fastest Chinese delivery in Fairfax, their promptness is only outdone by how delicious their food tastes.  Our food always arrives hot and with portions that are flavorful and plentiful.

China Town Chinese Restaurant offers Chinese food delivery in Burke, VA

China Town Chinese Restaurant might seem like just another takeout or delivery place but it is really much more.  The recipes they use are obviously well done and very tasty.  They even offer a Thai selection that is very true to the Thai food that we experience in much more expensive Thai restaurants.

We like to order online then pick up our order to avoid the wait time that can be up to 45 minutes on the weekends.  We have even been known to order in advance then eat right there in the small dining area that they have.  Its cozy but very convenient.  Our family likes their Lo Mein and all of the Chicken dishes.  Our friends have their favorite Hunan Beef that they say the sauce is incredible.

To order Chinese food online in Burke, VA from China Town Chinese Restaurant, just click this link!

If you would like to see a short Video Tour of the China Town Chinese Restaurant in Burke, VA just click this link to view it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chinese Food and Japanese Food At The Samurai Steak House, Fairfax, VA 22032

Conveniently located in the University Mall at the corner of Rt 123 and Braddock Rd in Fairfax, Samurai Steak House truly offers Chinese Food and Japanese food the way it should be.

With a wide variety of traditional Chinese Food favorites available for delivery or takeout you're going to love this place.

 Japanese Food like sushi and the complete Japanese steak house experience of food prepared at your table, is super fun at Samurai Steak House.

Visit Samurai Steak House for Lunch and Dinner Specials or ala carte dishes, you are sure to visit them often.
Chinese food in Fairfax can be ordered online by clicking here.

Get a heads up on what Samurai Steakhouse looks like by taking a Video Tour.  Click here to visit Menuocity's Video Tour Channel.

Read their review by clicking here.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Order Pizza Takeout or Dine-in at Ledo's Pizza in Fairfax

Of course your can order pizza for takeout but why not enjoy the family ambiance and great pizza, wings, subs and salads at Ledo's Pizza.  Their motto is "We never cut corners" which really refers to the shape of the actual pizzas themselves - They're square!  (Well if you want to get technical, the pizzas are actually rectangular).

Despite the non-traditional shape of the pizza at Ledo's the taste, variety and quality is excellent.  Perhaps the best part is actually eating at the restaurant.  Ledo's Fairfax location is a real sit-down restaurant with large booths for families and groups as well as tables.  The wait staff is very attentive and helpful to get you used to the Square Pizza thing!

Order pizza online from Ledo's Pizza Fairfax by clicking here!

Take a video tour of Ledo's by visiting Menuocity's YouTube channel.

Find out what diners think of the Ledo Pizza in Fairfax.  Click here to read reviews.

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Best Deli in Fairfax, VA is a great find!

If you are looking for a super casual, hangout with high quality deli sandwiches you have found it at The Best Deli.  Order from their list of pre-designed sandwiches or make your sub completely custom.  You can eat in their cute eating area and enjoy their wi-fi, or you can take your order to go.

The Best Deli also offers fast and delicious catering for offices, parties or family gatherings.  Just order online from for fast, friendly service.

Order online from The Best Deli using
If you would like to take a Video Tour of the restaurant, just click on the link.

Tokyo Grill & Teriyaki House In Fairfax, VA

Tokyo Grill is a unique restaurant that offers great Asian food in a casual dining experience.  My favorite dishes are the Teriyaki Bowls; you get tons of food for a really great price and the best flavors ever!

Believe or not, Tokyo Grill's sushi choices are very good.  Their fish is always fresh and when you order it to go they take special care to make sure it arrives ready to eat.  Sometime we like to order and do takeout since, due to the popularity, the delivery time take longer than we want to wait.  Our takeout order is always ready within 15 minutes.

Order Food Online from Tokyo Grill in Fairfax, Right Now

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Asian Bistro in Fairfax, VA. It's Not Just Chinese Food - Not By A Long Shot.

Asian Bistro serves freshly prepared dishes representative of Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and elsewhere in the East, including Chinese Food.  The atmosphere is very chic, intimate and cozy.  You can also enjoy your favorite drink from their full bar, not to mention their fresh selection of sushi prepared to your order.

A name with bistro in it should mean a true gastronomical treat.  Well that is surely the case with the Asian Bistro.  If you love Thai food, the best dishes are available.  If Vietnamese food is your craving, this is the place.  Because the chef has traveled and collected varied recipes from most of the far-East countries, you can literally tour the Asian-world with food!

You can order online at for pick-up, delivery or to make a reservation to eat at the restaurant itself!  Have some real fun and check out the video tour of the Asian Bistro right now!

Located in the heart of Fairfax City and 3950 University Dr, 22030.  There is truly unlimited, free parking in the attached city parking garage.  Or park at the library and walk the half a block.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Chinese Food's GREAT at Hong Kong Express in Burke, VA

Every once in a while you find the perfect little Chinese food takeout place where the Chinese Food's great - well we did at Hong Kong Express in Burke, VA.  The menu is typical but the service is super friendly and very fast.  Even on a Friday or Saturday night, they are very quick to make your order.  We always do take out since that's all that is offered but we don't like waiting for delivery when we order from other places anyway.

Our favorite dish is the Vegetable Lo Mein.  The noodles are great and the sauce is even better.  We ask them to keep the veggies a little crispy instead of cooked into oblivion.  They are always cooked just the way to like them.

If you haven't found your favorite Chinese joint yet - try Hong Kong Express.

Order Chinese Food online from Hong Kong Express

You can take a Video Tour of Hong Kong Express on Menuocity's YouTube Channel.  Click this link